Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It has been 4 months since my last post. A lifetime of beautiful inspiriations have happened since then. I am working on a website to post those experiences. The greatest thing that has happened since August is that now I am working with my sister so together we can create and realize our dreams.

Since today is New Years Day, it is a great day to post my resolution, so here it is:

If I don't become or strive to be better, how can I aspire for others around me like my son and my friends, to inspire them to be better. That is what I aspire to do this year: To do and live continually to the max in a way that is in balance and peace and excitement and harmony with who I am. It doesn't mean I have to go fly out of an airplane and have that exhilarating experience. I just want to have the exhilarating experience of being free to be who I am. It took me awhile to see, really, the good qualities of who I am because I was afraid those good qualities would get squashed again or I perceived that they were too weak or vulnerable. I don't feel that any longer. I'm strong. It took me awhile to become strong, and be myself in moving forward and sharing what's in my heart. I know that my heart has good feelings and good thoughts because when I do express to my friends or to my son, they feel good to them. So, they must be good thoughts. I just want, now, every year, every moment, every day to have greater and greater thoughts so I can inspire greater and greater things for others and for myself. That is my goal and that is my new years resolution.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Inspiration

The other day my 14 year old son said I was cheesy. I asked him if he thought that because I am constantly talking about being happy, laughing, being in joy etc.. I guess its another way for him to say that I am too idealistic. His response to all my talks is: "That's great, Mom." or "oookkk", with a roll of the eyes. I have made it an effort since he was born to send positive thoughts to his brain no matter what. The problem was that many times I was not feeling so good inside because of very challenging personal relationships. I had trained myself to "think positive".
But by 2002, things caught up to me. In a blessing in disguise, my life came to a screeching halt that year in a bad car accident that made me rethink how I really wanted to live my life. I was very successful in my real estate career, but in my personal life before 2002, I was very unhappy.
Because of my son who brought me my greatest joy and the one who motivated me to keep going no matter what, I kept outwardly doing and doing and thinking positive to provide a solid and stable environment for him. I felt a big responsibility to raise this child so that he could become a great human being in society. I felt it was my obligation to provide for him the best I could be and be an example that he can always follow. That has always been my #1 priority .
Now he is a beautiful well adjusted normal teenager. I am truly blessed.

The reason I am creating this blogcast is to be able to share to others what I have done to recreate my whole life in a whole new perception where I finally feel whole inside my being...in all my cells..I am human and I sometimes still worry about where my next real estate deals are going to come from especially in this changing Miami real estate market, but ultimately I am guided by such a great force that lives within me. It is alive in me. I am in complete trust. It took a long time to get to this point to create my dreams, visions with excitement and passion, to give myself the space to do this with an absolute knowing that it is going to happen. It is creating in a whole new way without force or sheer will. It is recreating myself by something greater than myself that now moves me, guides me to be inspired by my dreams and act on the steps needed to get there. Little by little..step by step, gently, peacefully, excitedly, and very beautifully without stress.